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Video Conference Rooms

Want a video-conference setup in your conference room or boardroom that simply does the basics – or one that’ll be the jaw-dropping envy of your clients, partners or potential investors? We run the gamut. With professional-grade SMART business solutions, we have systems that fit nicely into any budget, we’ll look at the room and make suggestions to achieve an exceptional audio and video experience. There’s nothing worse than looking at a terrible image or hearing unintelligible audio – well, unless the system itself doesn’t work at all!

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Meeting Rooms

There’s nothing worse than projectors not synching with laptops, displays going haywire, and cables sprawling everywhere. Whether you want to run small meetings, conferences, or enormous power-events, you need to make sure every detail is handled in advance and that you can trust your technology completely. Don’t let your room’s inefficient or awkward design distract you from important meetings anymore! Contact us about our SMART business solutions for meeting rooms.

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Audio Systems

Indoor or outdoor sound? Small, medium or large facility? Soundproof or not? Regardless, we suspect you want the best audio quality for the best possible price. Do you want to handle audio conferencing? Do you want to record for the web or for post-meeting distribution? We’re professionals at integrating audio. We have to be that way because you want your sound to be…well, sound.

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Digital Signage

Want to get your message out to your internal or external customers? There are lots of SMART business solutions. Do you need a simple monitor, an interactive touchscreen, a kiosk, or even a big honking video wall? Is it standalone, mobile or built into an existing structure? We’ll take your specific needs and maybe suggest a feature or two that could make a difference in your final selection. Many of these setups can be quite elaborate and pricey, but if money’s a bit tight, we know how to whittle down the specifications a bit so they can fit into your budget.

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