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AV Integrated Classrooms

We introduced electronic whiteboards to schools in 1996, and we’ve been leading the way ever since. You have to keep kids’ attention and equipment has to work easily because teachers are pressed for time. We all know that. But we also know that AV integrated education systems have to be reliable – and resilient to the tiny little bumps, drops and accidents that might take place over the course of the day.

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AV Integrated LGI & Auditoriums

Large-scale audiovisual planning can be overwhelming, particularly if you are converting a space that wasn’t originally designed for either. But whether you’re essentially starting from scratch or planning a major upgrade, you will want to work with an experienced AV integrated education partner for your design/build requirements.

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Collaborative Devices (BYOD) Paired with AV Integration

This is industry-speak for integrative audiovisual technologies that are now the norm for nearly any kind of installation – business, nonprofit or education. Have a war room or multiple huddle spaces? Do you often require educational collaborations?

Through wireless technology – and with a minimum of device configuration – people suddenly transform from being casual observers to active collaborators

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AV Solutions for Higher Ed

Classrooms need to be outfitted, from the smaller, more intimate rooms with maybe an interactive whiteboard, to several-hundred-seat lecture halls with advanced video and enhanced audio capabilities, including a complete set of recording options. You may have heard about BYOD – “Bring Your Own Device”; it’s exactly what it sounds like. Phones, iPads and other tablets, and laptops can all integrate powerfully in instructor-moderated collaborative or presentation sessions with our AV integrated education experience.

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