SMARTSolution Technologies Announces New Reseller Agreement with ActiveFloor

Partnership with industry-leading interactive learning floors provider expands learning and development solutions for schools, rehabilitation centers and senior living facilities

Pittsburgh, PA - SMARTSolution Technologies is pleased to announce a new reseller agreement with ActiveFloor, the industry leader in interactive learning floors. ActiveFloor is a customizable, interactive floor, targeted to schools, nursery schools, libraries, hospitals and activity areas.

“We are excited to add the ActiveFloor solution to our suite of interactive products and solutions”, stated Mitchell Schwartz, CEO SMARTSolution Technologies. “The ActiveFloor solutions encourage learning and movement for everyone from preschoolers to the elderly. We look forward to partnering with the ActiveFloor team to bring this unique solution to our customers.”

A few of the benefits of the ActiveFloor solutions include:

  • Making physical activity a natural part of kids’ everyday lives in school
  • Creating educational content that makes learning fun and meets academic requirements
  • Encouraging movement in a hospital or rehab environment
  • Stimulating balance, coordination and memory for seniors

ActiveFloor’s interactive platform consists of three main elements:

  • A ceiling-mounted installation box with a projector and computer
  • A camera that tracks movement
  • A white vinyl floor that makes up the foundation of the interactive play area

Brian Wurtz, CEO of ActiveFloor, adds “ActiveFloor has developed a great number of learning games that are ready for use, but teachers as well as students can easily design and customize their very own game content. We are thrilled to partner with SMARTSolution Technologies to deliver fun, kid-friendly educational games that promote learning through play and movement.”

The ActiveFloor solution is available today from SMARTSolution Technologies. For more information please visit

About SMARTSolution Technologies

SMARTSolution Technologies, L.P., is a Pittsburgh, PA–based audiovisual systems integration company that designs and builds presentation, teleconferencing and collaborative systems for businesses, education and nonprofits. For more information, visit SMARTSolution Technologies’ website.

About ActiveFloor

ActiveFloor is a family-owned EdTech company from Copenhagen, Denmark dedicated to designing interactive floors that promote physical activity and play while meeting academic requirements. For more information, visit ActiveFloor’s website.

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