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SMARTSolution Technologies is one of the only vendors in the Western PA/Eastern OH/Northern WV area where we offer AV equipment rental and leasing options on a monthly basis. Why would we do that? Sometimes our customers’ needs are only short-term, and we don’t like saying no. Also, maybe you’re not completely sure a system will meet all of your requirements, so you’d like to try-it-before-you-buy-it. While others may consider rentals more of a nuisance, we actually love them because it’s just another way we go the extra mile. (And, we have to admit, AV equipment rental and leasing often lead to sales, so we spend a lot of time making sure that your rental fits the bill.)

And yes, we’ve established excellent relationships with various leasing companies, so you can minimize your short-term cash outlay and start enjoying the benefits of a rocked-out communications system in just a few day’s time.

Another reason for rentals: perhaps you have a week-long conference and need to roll out the red carpet for all the attendees.

Whatever you’re thinking … give us a call or shoot us an inquiry about our AV equipment rental and leasing. We’ll get right back in touch with you.

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