Room Usage Solutions

Maximize the utilization of meeting spaces

Windows Collaboration Display by Sharp

The Windows Collaboration Display is a 4K 70” interactive display with built-in microphone, 4K camera and IoT sensor hub that is cloud enabled for analysis of meeting room usage solutions.

The built-in sensors connect to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform and other commercially available cloud services, such as Synappx Workspaces that can help provide a more comfortable, energy-efficient meeting. Having sensors built into the display makes creating a smart space much simpler both in time and expense.


The device includes sensors for:

  • Lighting - – an ambient light sensor helps with intelligent lighting control, as it automatically measures the level of light.
  • Occupancy - a motion sensor detects the presence of any people in the room.
  • Temperature - its intelligent climate measurement can be used by an AI service to automatically regulate the room temperature and relative humidity to make the room feel more comfortable.
  • Air Quality - the Windows collaboration display continually measures and analyses the ambient air quality in the meeting room.
Sharp Windows Collaboration Display
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